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  • Nurses Watch Box

    Premium Bamboo Nurses Watch Box


    Show off your favorite timepiece in style with this Premium Bamboo Nurses Watch Box from Fob and Co. This box is made from sustainable bamboo for an elegant, natural look. Inside, you’ll find soft fabric and foam padding to protect your watch from scratches and dust, while compartments and a removable tray offer plenty of storage space. The added convenience of a magnetic closure securely latches the lid, keeping your valuables safe and secure. It’s the perfect way to display and protect your watch in luxurious fashion.

  • Rose Gold Coloured Nurses Fob Watch


    Keep on track of time with Fob and Co’s Rose Gold Colored Nurses Fob Watch. This fob watch has a rose gold colored case with a matching band and clip that creates a sleek and modern look. The classic watch face has brass colored numbers on a white background that is easy to read. Whether you’re on the move at work or just need to keep track of time, this nurses fob watch is perfect for any situation. With its timeless style, you’ll be sure to stay on time and in style. With a compact 3cm x 3cm size, this watch is a perfect companion for healthcare professionals.

  • Simple Silver Nurses Fob Watch


    Get through your 12-hour shift with ease with the stylish and simple Silver Nurses Fob Watch from Fob and Co. This classic timepiece features a matching band and clip, so you can easily attach and detach the watch when needed. The black numbers on a white background make it easy and fast to read the time at a glance, so you won’t be late for rounds or miss out on a crucial moment. The elegant silver design adds a touch of sophistication to your uniform, helping you look and feel your best while you provide care.

  • Pocket Watch Pouch With Chain


    Keep your pocket watch safe and sound with this Pocket Watch Pouch from Fob and Co. This stylish pouch is made from a durable material that will guard against scratches and accidental damage. The pocket watch chain easily fits around your waist and is adjustable for the perfect fit. With this pouch, your pocket watch will be protected and look stylish all at once. Keep your pocket watch close and your style even closer with this Pocket Watch Pouch from Fob and Co.

  • Classic Silver Nurses Fob Watch Glow In The Dark Face


    Keep track of time on shift with ease with this Classic Silver Nurses Fob Watch. Crafted with a silver band and clip, its face is equipped with a glowing green tint and clear black numbers so you won’t have any trouble reading it. Plus, the face of the watch glows in the dark so you can use it even when the lights are low. The perfect companion for the modern nurse, this fob watch is the perfect balance of style and reliability.

  • Polished Black Phoenix Hunter Pocket Watch

    Polished Black Phoenix Hunter Pocket Watch


    Get the timeless and distinguished look with this Polished Black Phoenix Hunter Pocket Watch from Fob and Co. This pocket watch stands out with its intricately engraved Phoenix on a black finished frame and a golden skeleton proudly boasting its finely detailed innerworks. Its back frame is filled with flowery patterns and a little window that offers more view of the moving gears. Perfect for any occasion, the Polished Black Phoenix Hunter Pocket Watch is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

  • Brass Four Dagger Half Hunter Pocket Watch


    Step back in time with the alluring design of the Fob and Co Brass Four Dagger Half Hunter Pocket Watch. This exquisite timepiece features a brass-colored frame and half hunter cover that accentuates the intricate design featuring four pointing daggers. The captivating black watch face features elegant white Roman numerals for a timeless, classic look. Take a peek through the viewing windows to admire the gold-colored inner workings and the see-through center for a vintage-inspired look that will add a special touch to any outfit.

  • Brass Dagger Points Half Hunter Pocket Watch


    Featuring a brass-coloured frame and half hunter cover, this pocket watch has an intricate design with four dagger points. The many viewing windows reveal a white outer ring watch face with a see-through centre with gold-coloured inner workings.

  • Orange Numbered Nurses Fob Watch


    Stay punctual and on top of your game with this Orange Numbered Nurses Fob Watch from Fob & Co. It’s made of bright silver for a stylish, modern look and its strap has a matching band and clip for convenience. The white watch face stands out with orange numbers and hands for a timeless and sophisticated look. Perfect for nurses and medical professionals, this watch helps keep you on time no matter what. Get ready to keep up with your day-to-day tasks with this fashionable and functional watch.

  • Metallic Fob & Co Chain Nurses Fob Watch


    Get the most out of your shift with the Fob & Co Chain Nurses Fob Watch. Sleek and stylish, the watch comes in a classic design with a metallic silver face to provide you with optimal reading of the Arabic numerals. Crafted with the quality and convenience you need, this watch was designed with nurses actually in the field in mind. It features Japanese movement for long term accuracy, glow in the dark hands, and clearly marked second increments for precise timing. Lightweight and convenient, this watch is the perfect accessory for any nurse!

  • Brass Dial Half Hunter Fob Watch

    Brass Dial Half Hunter Fob Watch


    Step into a new level of time-telling with Fob and Co’s Brass Dial Half Hunter Fob Watch. This pocket watch is a true work of art with its intricate golden skeleton, revealing the brass-finished roman numerals sitting in an elegant black background. The crystal window is topped with hollow dial frame that instantly catches your eye. The back frame is flourished with flowy vines and comes with a viewing window to show off even more of the inner workings of this fine timepiece. Make a statement wherever you go with the Brass Dial Half Hunter Fob Watch.

  • Leaves Of Change Half Hunter Pocket Watch


    Step up your style with a pocket watch that has a timeless look. The Leaves Of Change Half Hunter pocket watch from Fob and Co. exudes sophistication. Its elegant brass-colored frame, half hunter cover featuring an outer ring of leaves with an inner ring of Roman numerals, and central viewing window showcasing gold-colored inner workings, will effortlessly draw eyes while you check the time. With so much detail, this pocket watch is a must-have accessory for your wardrobe.

  • Black Vintage Tire Hunter Pocket Watch

    Black Vintage Tire Hunter Pocket Watch


    Add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with the Fob and Co Black Vintage Tire Hunter Pocket Watch. This classic pocket watch features a bold, tire-themed design in a black finish, complete with intricate wavy floral patterns. Inside, you’ll find the white hour and minute hands spinning above a background of brass-colored Roman numerals. Finally, the main attraction: a captivating gold-finished, openworked skeleton. With its timeless elegance and thoughtful design, this hunter pocket watch will capture attention wherever you go.

  • Black Greek Web Hunter Fob Watch

    Black Greek Web Hunter Fob Watch


    Timeless style, elegant sophistication, and ultimate functionality come together to craft this beautiful Black Greek Web Hunter Fob Watch from Fob and Co. With a Grecian-inspired front frame boasting intricate web-like patterns, this timepiece is sure to capture the admiration of everyone who sees it. Inside, the classic black Roman numerals are set against a white background, while the gold skeleton innerwork in the middle will draw your eye with its intricate details. The back frame reveals flowery patterns and a window to provide an even better glimpse of the watch’s innerwork. Elegance and functionality combine to create the perfect accessory.

  • Gold Dragon Hunter Pocket Watch

    Brass Dragon Hunter Pocket Watch


    This beast themed pocketwatch features an intricately crafted brass dragon in its front frame while the inside exhibits brass roman numerals in a white ring background topped with the silver skeleton. For the back frame, it displays wavy floral patterns and a window to offer more sight of the gold innerworks.

  • Rose Gold Nurses Watch

    Belinda Rose Gold Modern Rhinestone Nurse Watch


    Sleek and modern, this nurse watch has a top clip to easily attach to your clothing and large Arabic numerals that you can read at a glance. It is embedded with several rhinestones positioned for stylish flair while quartz movement means you can rely on this pretty watch!